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The Question Bridge Curricular Tools (QBCT) offer school systems and individual teachers truly exciting and creative ways to promote healing conversations with students about issues of diversity, identity and inclusion. 

Having the voices and faces of African-American men from so many different backgrounds and ages, speaking with great clarity and passion about such timely and relevant issues is mesmerizing to students of all ages.

Student and Faculty Assessment

This is a promising and challenging project so we  ask that educators help us evaluate and improve this resource by working with their schools to develop effective ways to assess the relevance and impact of the Question Bridge Curricular Tools on student and faculty development.

 We are interested in individual responses to questions like:

- Did sharing the  QBCT project with your students change the quality of your in-class dynamics in ways you can describe?

- Do you feel that your students came away from the project with different attitudes or assumptions about race and identity?

- Did working with the QBCT project affect your role as an educator in meaningful ways that you can share? 

Faculty are invited to develop assessment models and tools of their own that make sense for their curriculum: both analytical data and anecdotal responses to in-class experiences are welcomed. 

The Question Bridge Student Assessment Tool is offered for educators to use as it is, or as a template.

Comments, questions and reactions can be sent to: Question Bridge Feedback

As another option, faculty are invited to utilize the Harvard-developed Project Implicit Tools with students in their classes both before and after working with the Question Bridge Curricular Tools.